We pride ourselves on having a seedstock program that has always been ahead of the curve and flexible enough to take full advantage of the markets.


Just like any good cattle operation, it all starts with the cows. No exceptions are made just because an animal has a good pedigree or EPDs. In order to stay a cow must:

•Calve on time every year and breed up with minimal input costs.

•Exhibit docile behavior.

•Show good maternal traits and bring a seedstock quality calf off the mountain every year.


We accomplish these goals by running ALL of our cattle in a commercial setting, allowing us to prove the nations leading sires in a "blue collar cattle" operation.


Our cattle are wintered in Nucla, CO via a mixture of BLM permits and our own private lands. In late may we start them "up the mountain" to the Uncompaghre National Forest, where they will eventually see elevations up to 9000 feet. In November the cows are then gathered and walked back down to the ranch where we begin weaning and selecting bull and replacement heifer prospects.


We have seen plenty of cattle that look like dreams come true on paper, but just don't get it done in a situation such as this. We have taken this observation to heart when it comes to selecting bulls for our customers. If the cattle can't earn their keep—we can't keep them.



Calves at "Mud Lake"

A young COLE Weapon 55W son